Advanced Composites … Lighter, Stronger, Faster

OldSkoolFab specializes in custom part fabrication using various metals and advanced composites such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber (Kevlar) and fiber glass. With over 25 years of experience in aircraft fabrication and advanced composites. OldSkookFab knows the importance of using only the highest quality resins and materials available on the market for extended life of each custom-made part. We use epoxy resins which have built in UV inhibitors and clear coat with polyurethane which also has UV inhibitors.

OldSkoolFab works with you one-on-one to achieve the look you’re after.

  • Exceptional Quality and Attention To Detail
  • Carbon fiber fabrication, metal fabrication, custom parts
  • Advanced Composites: Carbon Fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar
  • HydroGraphics/Water Transfer Printing
  • Custom Fabrication and Repairs
  • Aramid Fiber, Ballistic and Non-ballistic
  • Fiberglass Work and Repair
  • Sheet Metal Work and Repairs (non-HVAC)
  • Green Technology

Carbon fiber has a very high strength to weight ratio and has a mesmerizing look which makes it very appealing.  It comes in different weave designs and colors, so we can find the right combination to match your project.

OldSkoolFab is skilled in HydroGraphics Printing (commonly referred to as water transfer printing). HydroGraphics applies printed designs to three-dimensional objects, and can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials.  This process can achieve full 360° coverage of the part surface, including small crevices.